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Clear Choice Exteriors has provided trustworthy and reliable home improvement services to Sandusky, OH, for over 15 years. Our family-owned and operated company provides our neighbors and community with affordable and quality services and products. You can count on us whether you need window replacement services, roofing, door, or gutter services. We are passionate about providing these essential services to our community. Choose the team at the head of the industry in your area for repairs and replacements that will last.

Windows Reolacement Services in Sandusky, OH

Our Services

Clear Choice Exteriors has been providing reliable services to our community in Sandusky, OH, for many years. We are proud to offer these essential services to our community and plan on doing so for a long time. Our team is local here in Sandusky. We are and will be available to you for any questions, repairs, or tweaks you may have in the future. You can trust our team with your needs as we have incredible customer service.

Roofing Services

Damaged and outdated roofs are dangerous for homes, especially here in Sandusky, OH. With our extreme weather, our roofs need to be strong, durable, and resilient, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Our residential roofing services are there for you. We provide quick and thorough services such as roof replacement, roof installations, roof inspection, and roof repair.

Here at Clear Choice, roofing is our specialty. We provide comprehensive roofing services with many customizable designs and functions. When you hire our services, our team will assess your home and roof to determine the best action plan. This plan will include our best recommendations for roofing types and materials that best fit your family’s needs. Some of our options include metal roofing and shingle options. You can rely on our team to provide more features at a better price. Our re-roofing costs, new roof costs, shingle roof costs, cost of replacing roofs, and other roofing costs are affordable and fair. There’s no better team to get your roof right.


The Clear Choice team is thoroughly experienced in installing and repairing gutter systems and downspout installation. Gutters are an essential part of the design process of a home. They help to guide water away from the roof and home exterior to prevent water damage. Our team provides the best gutter services to our community, including repairing and replacing gutters. The cost of gutter replacement equals the peace of mind it will give you. We also provide incredible products, such as our custom seamless gutter system that protects your home while looking stylish.

Window Services

Our experts have years of experience providing Sandusky with comprehensive window services, including window replacement and window installation services. With incredible efficiency and beauty, our products are designed to fit the needs of your home and family perfectly. Our many styles include:

Door Services

Clear Choice Exteriors provides comprehensive door services, including exterior door installation, sliding door installers, and door replacement. Choosing a door, either for the entryway or the patio, is crucial to the style of your home. The doors of a home greatly impact the overall look of your home. Your doors should be strong, durable, and express your style to your neighborhood and guests. When you choose the Clear Choice team, you have options for many reliable and gorgeous doors. Learn more about our door services today.

Valuable Roofing Inspections in Sandusky, OH

As the most exposed area of your home, damage here is bound to happen. Our roofs usually take most of the damage from water, wind, and other weather hazards. When you have roof damage from a recent storm or hazard, our Clear Choice team will provide you with the inspection you need to file a claim with insurance. Our experts know what needs to be assessed and how to provide you with estimates for repair best.

Energy-Efficient Window & Door Replacement Options

As time passes, insulation wears down, and windows and doors can no longer insulate the home properly. Our fiberglass doors are designed for the ultimate insulation. Fiberglass holds 4x the insulating R-value that wood holds, and the higher the R-value, the more insulated your home is, reducing your energy bills. Our windows are designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind, providing advanced insulation techniques and special glass packages that more effectively block ultraviolet rays from entering your home and making your HVAC work harder. Energy efficiency benefits the homeowner by reducing their energy bill, and it helps nature and the environment by not wasting any energy.

Our Warranties

Our team of experts constantly seeks to provide the highest quality products and most reliable services to our customers. One way that we do this is through creating warranties you can trust. Our warranties ensure that the job site is completely cleaned, there are no hidden charges, and you receive professional installation. We also offer transferable warranties. This warranty allows us to provide years of reliability to whoever is using the product.

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When you choose Clear Choice Exteriors: Your Local Window Depot, you choose reliable, trustworthy, and affordable home improvement. You are guaranteed quality workmanship in Sandusky, OH, when you choose our family-owned and operated business. Daryle Reinhard and his son Ethan grew up in the Fostoria area, as did most of our team members. Contact experts that intimately know your community and climate.

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Daryle Reinhart, the owner of Clear Choice Exteriors Your Local Window Depot, has been a Fostoria resident all his life. Daryle and his son, Ethan, are part of the community and understand the importance of being a good neighbor. Beyond that, the Reinharts and the Clear Choice team understand the local climate since we live and work here too. We’ll always select products designed to withstand anything our weather can throw at us. We love meeting and working with our neighbors.