Features and Benefits of Our ProVia® Windows and Doors

Clear Choice Exteriors Your Local Window Depot is the leading residential roofing contractor in Bowling Green, OH, thanks to of our many years of experience and the excellent products we offer. We are proud to carry products from ProVia®, an elite brand known for manufacturing some of the best entry doors, patio doors, storm doors and windows on the market today. Their products are highly sought after for their handcrafted designs, incredible beauty, great energy efficiency and excellent durability.

In today’s post, we will discuss these products in-detail and explain why they would make an excellent addition for your home.

Replacement Doors

Have you ever worn custom-tailored clothing? Clothing that’s designed to your specific size, shape and style preference looks and feels much better than off-the-rack clothing, which is manufactured according to “average” body shapes and will rarely fit anyone perfectly right. Well-tailored clothing is the superior choice. ProVia’s entry doors are just like well-tailored clothing. They are manufactured specifically for your home. They fit the exact measurements of your home so they fit better, last longer and are more secure and energy-efficient.

ProVia is also committed to the highest standards of energy efficiency, durability and security. Built with the finest materials available, ProVia doors are engineered to protect your home from bad weather and keep your living space comfortable all year long. Simply put, ProVia’s entry doors are first class. Their doors feature a high degree of customization combined with outstanding quality. As the top choice for door replacement and residential roof repair services in Bowling Green, OH, we highly recommend them.


ProVia’s award-winning Embarq® fiberglass entry doors will make a fine addition to any home. All Embarq fiberglass entry systems are ENERGY STAR® certified and they come with three skin options: mahogany, cherry and oak. Embarq entry doors have stiles and rails that are dovetailed and glued at each corner to create a structurally solid and integrated frame. Featuring a 4¼” finger-jointed 4-ply hardwood strike stile, Embrq entry doors have unparalleled structural integrity and provide a solid mounting for hardware.

ProVia designed this entry door for maximum energy efficiency. Embarq fiberglass doors are 43% thicker than standard exterior doors to accommodate more insulation. They also have a dual perimeter seal to create a superior barrier against energy leaks and drafts. ProVia also engineered a channel in the side rails and header of the door to allow for a larger energy-efficient polyurethane core. An Embarq fiberglass door has an insulating value that’s at least four times higher than a typical wood door.


ProVia’s Signet® fiberglass doors are available in Knotty Alder, Fir, Mahogany, Cherry, Oak and Smooth. Signet fiberglass doors are known for their superior structural durability in comparison to traditional fiberglass doors. This door series also features the exclusive DuraFuse™ Finishing System with P3 Fusion. This allows ProVia to offer an industry-best 10-year finish warranty. Like Embarq doors, these doors feature stiles and rails that are dovetailed and glued to each corner.

They also have two-inch finger-jointed hardwood hinge stiles for improved structural integrity. ProVia uses a high-performance composite material on all Signet fiberglass bottom rails to protect the door from rot. Signet fiberglass doors feature edges that are constructed with mahogany, fir and oak to match the selected finish. Most Signet fiberglass entry systems are ENERGY STAR certified as well.


Heritage™ fiberglass doors have an enhanced woodgrain texture and feature improved definition embossing and a hardwood edge that prevents warping. You can choose from Oak, Smooth and Hemlock skin options. Heritage fiberglass doors have a polyurethane core that reduces energy loss. That’s why most Heritage fiberglass entry systems are ENERGY STAR certified. This door series also features an improved definition panel profile that creates excellent shadow lines and distinct panel designs.

A Heritage fiberglass door can mimic the appearance of real wood because of its variable-depth woodgrain texture with hand-applied stain. It also has a classic square-edge design. The specially engineered fiberglass door facings will not dent and will resist warping, cracking and splitting.


Legacy™ steel entry doors are the perfect choice for homeowners who prize security above all else. Legacy steel entry doors come with smooth, high-definition embossing and woodgrain textured skin options. These doors are also incredibly energy-efficient because most Legacy steel entry systems are ENERGY STAR certified. Legacy entry doors have special adhesives and thermal barriers that reduce heat transfer.

These doors are also filled with insulating foam using a computer-driven process that ensures maximum energy efficiency and strength. Legacy steel entry doors have mechanical interlocks that give the door exceptional structural strength. The edges and face skin of these doors are made of one continuous piece of steel. In addition, ProVia added a rigid composite lock block to reinforce the lock and deadbolt area. ProVia’s 20-gauge Legacy steel entry doors feature 49% more galvannealed steel than a standard 24-gauge door.

Replacement Windows

As the leading window and roof replacement service in Bowling Green, OH, we recommend ProVia windows because of their incredible energy efficiency. ProVia’s glass packages offer unparalleled thermal efficiency. They will effectively prevent heat from entering or escaping through your window. All their glass packages have passed stringent testing to ensure that their seals are durable.


ProVia’s premium Aeris™ windows feature designer styling and a full range of window types. ProVia also used a patented system that fully integrates real wood interiors with maintenance-free vinyl exteriors. This combines the best parts of wood and vinyl windows without any of their downsides. Aeris windows can be completely customized to fit your exact style preferences. In addition, this window series features Neopor® insulation and a ComfortTech™ DLA-UV Insulated Glass Unit for maximum energy efficiency.


ProVia’s Endure™ vinyl windows continually operate at peak performance throughout the year. They are made from SunShield® vinyl to greatly improve weatherability and color retention. Endure windows also feature Neopor insulation and ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing. They have INNERGY® Thermal Reinforcements, an innovative and energy-efficient alternative to aluminum that’s 700 times better than aluminum when it comes to insulation.


Aspect™ windows are constructed with SunShield vinyl, which makes them the best choice for homeowners looking for a mid-range window. Featuring an innovative multi-chambered frame and sash design, triple weatherstripping and ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing, these windows can be customized to suit your home’s unique architectural style.


ProVia’s ecoLite™ windows prove that you don’t have to compromise on energy efficiency, quality and performance just because you’re on a budget. These windows exceed the performance of other economy windows thanks to their durable and energy-efficient construction. ProVia is confident in their superior quality and performance, which is why ecoLite windows are backed with a 20-year limited warranty.

If you need more detailed advice on which doors or windows to choose for your home, then give us a call. Clear Choice Exteriors Your Local Window Depot has been in business for many years. We have worked on all kinds of homes, so we know which kinds of replacement windows and doors to recommend for our customers. We can also help you with choosing the colors, designs and decorative glass for your new ProVia products.