The Insurance Claim Process for Roofing in Fostoria, OH

Initial Inspection Before Your Insurance Claim

When a natural disaster strikes, your roof may be damaged. Navigating the insurance process can be tricky and overwhelming, but Clear Choice Exteriors is here to help you with your insurance claims. Whether you’re looking to file a storm damage roof insurance claim or another roof damage claim, our professionals are here to lend our expertise and guide you.

Insurance Claim Process in Fostoria, OH

Damage Assessment

Before filing your claim, it is essential to have a roofing expert come to assess the damage done to your roof. Our industry-leading, licensed roofing contractors will get a precise assessment and provide you with a photo inspection report that you may utilize in your claim.

Filing Your Claim

Once you’ve obtained a report from a reliable roofing expert, it’s time to file your claim. We recommend calling your insurance provider’s claims office directly rather than speaking to an agent to ensure accuracy. Your claim handler from your insurance company will provide you with a claim number and an insurance adjuster.

The Insurance Claim Process

 Your insurance adjuster will set a time to meet with you to assess the damage to your roof. During this time, it is important to inform them that you are working with a roofing contractor, who will be present for the assessment. Once you have the number of the adjuster, and the time of the adjuster’s inspection, inform your roofing contractor.

Fair Settlement

During the adjuster’s inspection, they will determine the scope of the damages and provide a claim summary. Once our professional receives the claim summary, we will compare it with our initial assessment and ensure that no information has been left out. We will help you negotiate a fair settlement if there is an issue.


When you receive the initial check, it may seem insufficient, as the deductible and depreciation can affect the total. The check may also have your mortgage company’s name on it; if so, contact them to discuss how to get their endorsement.

Repair or Installation

The process may seem lengthy, but it will be well worth it once your repaired or new roof is ready. Once the first insurance check, deductible, and insurance loss statement are received, our experts can start on your repairs or installation.

Recovering Depreciation

Once your roof has been restored, we will provide your insurance with the essential documents they need. If depreciation was withheld and is recoverable, we will handle asking for the release of those funds. Your insurance provider will typically contact you to confirm that the project has been completed before releasing the last check.

Final Payment

Once you get your final insurance check and your mortgage company endorsements have been made, we can collect the rest of the amount due on your roof. The final payment is not scheduled until you receive money from your insurance company.

Professional Help Throughout the Claims Process

With years in the industry, our locally owned and operated business has the expertise and knowledge to guide you through your insurance claims process with dependability and ease. We are here to inform and educate, and we don’t want our customers to feel left in the dark about the often-complex situation of an insurance claim. 

Contact Clear Choice Exteriors

If a hailstorm or other natural disaster has damaged your home, Clear Choice Exteriors is here to help restore your home and aid you in the insurance claim process. Our friendly and reliable staff can answer questions and concerns whenever you need us. Contact us today to discuss your situation!