For many people, the only time they notice their entry door is when somebody walks in and slams it closed. After a few years, however, that slamming and other things (such as the weather and the inevitable wear and tear) will take a toll on the door.

5 Telltale Signs You Need a New Door

Unless a door shows obvious, significant damage, most homeowners may not think it needs to be replaced. However, there are many subtler signs that your entry door has reached the end of its service life:

1. It No Longer Fits the Frame Like It Used To

Gaps between the door and the frame develop over time due to normal wear and tear. These gaps can allow wind drafts, which can then affect indoor temperature. While there are a number of easy fixes, like draft door stoppers from your local home supply store, these won’t completely fix all the problem with the sagging of the door.

Take energy-efficiency improvements to another level by investing in energy-efficient replacement windows to complement your new door. It’s a hefty expense, but one that will pay for itself over time.

2. It Creaks Every Time You Move It

Creaking hinges means your door needs maintenance, if not replacement. If it’s only a few years old and the whole structure is still in good condition, oiling the hinges might be all it needs. But if it’s decades old and the hinges are loose or look like they’re about to be torn off, you might need to start planning for a new entry or patio door installation.

3. It Needs To Be Jimmied

A door that needs to be jimmied just so to open is not practical and functional. Doing this over and over will likely further damage it, since you’re not only working the knob but also the whole door. It may also be difficult for children to operate it, which makes it a fire safety hazard too. The best course of action here is door replacement.

4. It Doesn’t Look Good

If your door is chipped, dented, scratched or the paint is peeling off, you need a new one. These issues not only make the door ugly, but they also weaken it and open it up to other problems like water and insect damage.

5. It’s Out of Style

Having a vintage door on purpose is one thing; having a door that looks dated in a bad way is something else. Even if it’s not seriously worn out, you can replace your door if its look is no longer suitable to your home’s style.

Time the replacement with other home improvement services you have planned to minimize downtime and the construction work in the house

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