One of the first things visitors to your home will notice is your front door. With the right front door, you can create a warm, welcoming ambiance. Read on as one of the top home improvement contractors in the area, Clear Choice Roof and Windows, suggests ideas to enhance the appeal of your front door.

Transform Your Front Door in Ohio

A New Paint Job

A fresh paint job always makes things livelier. If you want to reinvigorate your home’s appeal, this is a low-cost way to accomplish that. We recommend choosing a color that contrasts with the other components of your exterior to make your front door “pop.”

Change the Front Door Material

Choosing another material for your front door can transform it into something new and modern. With our door replacement service, you have access to many options, such as glass, metal, steel and wood, each offering unique advantages. For example, glass front doors allow more light into the entryway. Metal doors can be configured to complement either rustic or contemporary architecture. Steel atrium doors are popular because of their chic style, while a wood door lends stately elegance to your home.

Try Out Pivot Doors

This is a fun way to enter the home. A pivot door is a large floor-to-ceiling door that rotates, or “pivots”, on a central axis instead of swinging from a side hinge. It is the perfect door for large, blank walls where door jambs aren’t possible. Because of its look, however, it’s mostly found in ultra-modern homes.

Doors should come with matching windows. Luckily, Clear Choice Roof and Windows has expertise in both door replacement and home window installation.

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